Episode 40: Eat Rome with Elizabeth Minchilli

This week, hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle give updates on previous stories about the Jersey Shore and Berlusconi’s Rubygate trial, and discuss news of potential border disputes between France and Italy. Then we’ll talk to author and developer of the new iPhone app Eat Rome, Elizabeth Minchilli, about how and where to eat in the Eternal City.

Episode 39: Exploring Etruria with Mary Jane Cryan

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle talk about the latest in Berlusconi’s legal battles as well as Italy’s role in the ongoing Libyan conflict. Then we’ll talk to Mary Jane Cryan, art historian and long-time resident of Italy, about Etruria and Etruscan culture.

Episode 35: Casanova’s Venice with Monica Vidoni

Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle discuss two new museums set to open in Rome, a new national holiday on the Italian calendar, and ticket scams over the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Then we speak with author, lecturer, and Context Travel docent Monica Vidoni about Casanova’s Venice.

Episode 34: Italian Cinema with Daniela Losini

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle discuss the latest news about Berlusconi and Amanda Knox, a new report of contaminated mozzarella, and a quick recap of the 2011 Sanremo Festival. Then we’re joined by author and film critic Daniela Losini to talk about the Italian film industry.