Episode 7: Freedom of the Press in Italy with Livia Iacolare

Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle speak with Livia Iacolare, community coordinator and assistant producer for the Italian edition of Current. We’ll be speaking about freedom of the press in Italy, and what it means to be a blogger vs. a journalist in Italy.

Special Guest:

Livia Iacolare, 28, @liviacolare on Twitter, is the Community Coordinator and Assistant Producer for the Italian edition of Current. She has written many articles on social media and online collaboration which have been published on Italian and international websites (including the popular Mashable), and several print publications, among which the Italian edition of Wired Magazine. She is passionate about books, comics and videogames. Her blog is at liviacolare.com.

Links to stories/sites we discussed with Livia:

  • Bavaglio law – English open letter on La Repubblica, English article on World Editors Forum
  • TG1 anchor resigns – About Maria Luisa Busi [in Italian]
  • Talk show host in resignation flap – About Michele Santoro
  • Freedom House – Independent association that gives information on the status of freedom of the press in the world. Have fun and check where Italy is in the global chart 🙂
  • Valigia Blu (and the official Valigia Blu Facebook group) – La Valigia Blu is a group of citizens who are monitoring what the Italian newscasts say and how they tell the news, so that they can highlight the occasional lack of information and the evidence of disinformation.
  • Internazionale – Website of the weekly magazine “Internazionale” which collects the best articles published on all the newspapers and magazines in the world in the past week. [in Italian]
  • Current TV – Has an online database of videos produced in Italy and abroad, trying to shine light on dark “matters”. In the section Senza Censura you can find short clips telling stories that you rarely see in the newscasts, along with interviews to Italian and foreign journalists on hot issues. In the Vanguard sections you can find the Current-produced reportages in Italy and abroad. Some of the videos are in English and have Italian subtitles.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • Solo in Italia” – Only in Italy : Ragazzi del Post-It – Online protests of the Bavaglio law

Eye on Italy Picks of the Week:

Video of the week :


  1. Hi, I just discovered your podcasts today and very glad I did. I recently spent 5 months in Italy and am looking to go back sometime soon. It’s always difficult to have an insight into local issues when you don’t speak the language so these podcasts are invaluable for anyone who wants to learn about this country and culture but can barely string a sentence together in Italian let alone read a newspaper or, more to the point, a blog.

    Keep up the good work!

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