Episode 54: Cucina Povera with Pamela Sheldon Johns

Hosts Sara and Michelle update you on the Amanda Knox trial, Berlusconi, earthquake prosecutions and speak with author Pamela Sheldon Johns about her new cookbook Cucina Povera and the influence of post-war Tuscany on its cuisine.

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Special Guest

Pamela Sheldon JohnsPamela Sheldon Johns is the author of sixteen cookbooks specializing in Italian traditional and regional ingredients. Originally from California, Johns has lived full-time in Tuscany for over 10 years at Poggio Etrusco, her organic farm/Bed & Breakfast in southern Tuscany, where she teaches cooking and produces an extra-virgin olive oil called “Pace da Poggio Etrusco.” Pamela has coordinated wine and food workshops in various regions of Italy for twenty years through Food Artisans.

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  • Poggio
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