Episode 51: Judaism in Italy with Rabbi Barbara Aiello

In this episode, hosts Sara, Jessica, & Michelle talk about the Louvre not loaning out the Mona Lisa, a new hotel tax soon to be implemented in Florence & Venice, and new spots in Italy added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Then we speak with Rabbi Barbara Aiello, the first woman Rabbi in Italy.

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Special Guest

Rabbi Barbara AielloRabbi Barbara Aiello is the first woman rabbi and first non-orthodox rabbi in Italy. She lives and works in Calabria, in the small village of Serrastretta where she has organized the first active Jewish synagogue in the “Mezzogiorno” in 500 years since Inquisition times.

Rabbi Barbara is the director of the Italian Jewish Cultural Center of Calabria (IjCCC), an organization that helps Italians and Italian Americans discover their Jewish roots. Prior to her rabbinic ordination, Rabbi Barbara created The Kids on the Block international puppet program and currently is host of the syndicated radio show, “The Radio Rabbi,”  on flagship station WGUL AM 860 in Tampa, Florida and heard around the world on podcast. Her website is www.rabbibarbara.com.

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  • giudaismo / ebraismo – ebreo/ebraico (ebrea/ebraica)
  • Judaism – Jewish

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Tarantella dancing in Monte Sant’Angelo by the Pacchianella


  1. Jessica,
    What a great interview! I learned so much about both Judaism and Italian culture. Rabbi Barbara is an inspirational and fascinating woman. Thank you for for the great podcast.

    Laurel in Portland

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