Episode 5: Gelato Gelato Gelato with David Lebovitz

Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle talk about pizza in Naples cooked in ovens burning used coffin wood, mafia-run produce markets, and then special guest author and chef David Lebovitz joins us to talk about gelato.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

  1. Police: Italy mafias run produce markets67 Italian mob suspects arrested in market ring
  2. Pizza in Naples could be baked using coffin wood
  3. Firenze Gelato Festival May 28-31

Special Guest:

David LebovitzOur guest is David Lebovitz (@DavidLebovitz ), an American chef, author and blogger living in Paris. David worked at Chez Panisse for more than 13 years as a pastry chef, he was one of the first and remains one of the most popular food bloggers on the Internet, and has published six cookbooks including his latest, Ready for Dessert, which we touch on in the podcast. Learn about his gelato tour he’s leading in Rome, how to taste gelato and about his love affair with gelato.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

Cono e coppa / coppetta?

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