Episode 43: The Italian Culture in Italian Soccer, with Paul Visca & Max Patrick

Show Summary:
This week, hosts Sara, Jessica & Michelle talk about holy beer, Facebook being used to catch tax cheats, and a street kid from Ghana playing professional soccer in Italy. Then we speak to Italian soccer commentators Paul Visca & Max Patrick about the intersection of Italian culture and Italian soccer.

Special shout-out for friend of the podcast and fellow expat in Italy, Arlene, for the movie she co-wrote, Jumping the Broom, which is out in US theaters May 6th – please go out and support her! @JumpingtheBroom on Twitter, and on Jumping the Broom on Facebook. Congrats, Arlene – so proud of you!

Eye on Italy News Stories:

Special Guests:
Paul Visca has been living in Italy for 12 years. After moving to Milan, he started his adventure as an Italian soccer commentator for the English-speaking world, covering Serie A, Champions League, Europa League and Italian Cup matches. He writes and voices daily and weekly Italian football TV magazines, Serie A News and Total Italian Football, and lends his voice to the official Serie A iPhone app. If that weren’t enough, Paul also co-hosts Italian soccer podcast Calcio and Coffee with fellow commentator Richard Whittle and has contributed articles to In Bed with Maradona and Football-Italia websites. [@paulvisca on Twitter]

Max Patrick is a sports commentator, musician and teacher of music who has been living in Italy since 2002. You can hear his tunes and find out more about him on maxpatrickmusicfootball.com. He tries to be as passionately involved in the game as possible whilst maintaining a balanced view on play. To him, football and music are two of the most amazing things on the planet and he’s lucky enough to be able to communicate in both of these ‘languages’. [@maxpatrick on Twitter]

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • mammone
    • Mama’s boy, i.e., many Italian men

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Video of the week:
Beatification of Pope John Paul II


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