Episode 42: How Italian Food Conquered the World with John Mariani

Hosts Sara and Michelle give updates on Italy’s involvement in Libya and nuclear energy plans. Then we’ll talk with special guest John Mariani, Esquire Magazine food and travel columnist, about his new book, How Italian Food Conquered the World.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

Special Guest
John Mariani is the food and travel columnist for Esquire Magazine and wine columnist for Bloomberg News. He has been called “the most influential food-wine critic in the popular press” by The Philadelphia Inquirer, and is a three-time award nominee by the James Beard Foundation. He is also publisher of Mariani’s Virtual Gourmet Newsletter and author of the new book How Italian Food Has Conquered the World.

Find John online: JohnMariani.com.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • sugo / ragù / salsa
    • tomato sauce / tomato sauce with meat / sauce

Eye on Italy Picks of the Week:

  • Video of the Week:
    • Freaks – the first “professional” Italian web series

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