Episode 4: Talking Tuscany with Leif Pettersen

Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle talk about Italy’s first “divorce fair,” Berlusconi’s divorce settlement with his wife Veronica, and striking theatre workers shutting down Italy’s opera houses. Then we talk Tuscany with special guest Leif Pettersen, travel writer & Lonely Planet guidebook author for Tuscany.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

  1. Italy hosts its first divorce fair [Yahoo] [Telegraph] [BBC] [NYT] in Milan May 8-9
  2. Priest Starts Mother-in-Law Training to Curb Divorce
  3. Berlusconi close to closing divorce support agreement
  4. What’s in a (Last) Name? (from Ms. Adventures in Italy)
  5. At Italy operas, the Fat ladies are silent also in [La Repubblica] [AP]

Special Guest:

Leif Pettersen, @LeifPettersen on Twitter, travel writer & Lonely Planet guidebook author for Romania, Moldova, & part of Tuscany. Leif talked about some of his favorite parts of the area of Tuscany he writes about, including a few towns where he was the only tourist, some fun summer festivals you might want to include in your trip, and even the Tuscan location of the sword in the stone.

Mentioned in the conversation:

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

Accordo: “accordo,” meaning “agreement;” as in the divorce “accordo” between Berlusconi and Veronica. The phrase “sono d’accordo” is useful – it means “I agree.”

Eye on Italy Picks of the Week

  • Video of the week : Tuscany augmented reality iPhone app (free)

and bonus Leif’s Montage of his meals in Italy:

One comment

  1. Debra Syfert

    Dear Leif, this was delicious! Thank you for the feast for the eyes!

    I am 1/4 Italian and I love Italy~Voglio passare tutta la giornata alla spiaggia!


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