Episode 38: Being Vegetarian in Italy, with Rebecca Winke and Michelle Schoenung

Hosts Sara, Jessica, & Michelle recognize a couple former podcast guests who are receiving honors, talk about fake earthquake victims in L’Aquila, & then chat with guests Rebecca Winke & Michelle Schoenung about what it’s like to be a vegetarian in Italy.

Note: You may notice in this week’s episode there is some extraneous background noise in some parts of the podcast – the speakers are still clear and very easy to understand. It’s due to a bug with our recording software & the new Skype, and we’re in touch with the developers about fixing it. Sorry!

A warm welcome to this week’s sponsor:

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Special Guests
Rebecca Winke moved to Italy from Chicago in 1993 and shortly thereafter opened an agriturismo in her husband’s renovated family farmhouse at the foot of Mount Subasio near Assisi, Umbria.

She spends her time taking care of guests at Brigolante, blogging about the lovely region she now calls home at Rebecca’s Ruminations, and wondering about what strange winds blew an urban vegetarian to a farm in Umbria. She is also on Twitter @brigolante.

Michelle Schoenung is an American journalist and translator who has lived in Italy for eleven years. She lives in Milan, which serves as a great base for visiting other parts of Italy and Europe, but which does not offer the “slow life” or “bella vita” she hears other expats in Italy refer to.

She is an infrequent blogger, and her most recent blog Viva La Pappa focused on life and, among other things, feeding her three-year-old son by taking the best from both of her cultures. She has been a vegetarian for almost her entire life despite being born into a “normal/carnivorous” family in meat-and-potatoes Middle America. She posts most frequently on Twitter at @mschoenu.

Note: We’re not going to be able to cover every possible diet here, but hopefully we’ll be able to give you some ideas for options that will work for you.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • ci penso io
    • Let me do it / I’ll do it / I’ll take care of it

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  • Being Vegetarian, Vegan or Raw in Europe: Venice, Italy


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