Episode 36: Pugliese Cuisine with Cinzia Rascazzo

Hosts Sara, Jessica, & Michelle discuss a new Pompeii exhibit in New York City and a proposed train tunnel that threatens Michelangelo’s David in Florence. Then we talk about Pugliese cuisine with Cinzia Rascazzo, a cooking school owner in Puglia.

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Special Guest
Cinzia RascazzoCinzia Rascazzo is co-founder of the Stile Mediterraneo Cooking & Wine School in Puglia, a Harvard MBA, wine sommelier, olive oil taster and professional pianist. After living abroad for 15 years, in 2005 Cinzia realized she was missing the good food, blue sea, and the slow life she had in Italy, so she quit her finance job in NY/London and went back to Puglia. Now she and her sister Marika, a cardiologist, run the Stile Mediterraneo School as a way to share their cuisine, culture and love of Puglia while focusing on the simple, home-made and healthy cuisine they learned from their grandmothers.

She blogs about food, wine and travel in Puglia at her blog Stile Mediterraneo Cooking Puglia and is on Twitter @Puglia4Foodies and on Facebook at Stile Mediterraneo Italian Cooking and Wine School.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • orecchiette
    • literally: “small ears” – also: pasta shape typical of Puglia
  • pausa and pisolino
    • pausa = the break after lunch when shops close in many Italian towns
    • pisolino = nap; usually a pisolino is taken after lunch or a heavy meal

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Pizzica Tarantella:

Focaccia Blues Trailer:


  1. Thank you Cinzia for all your suggestions to impress my suocera and for my wedding. I can’t wait to eat all of these delicious things. I may need to buy a wedding dress that’s a tad too big so I can eat to my hearts content on my wedding day! No worries about my Italian man, he’s a wonderful person and he also knows what I’m capable of….haha scherzo! But seriously, we are both very lucky and very happy.
    On a side note, the baker from New Jersey that is famous for his show “Cake Boss” did an episode in Altamura, Puglia because that’s where his parents are from. I’ve been dreaming about that bread ever since I saw the episode!
    Ciao ladies and thanks again!

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