Episode 35: Casanova’s Venice with Monica Vidoni

Hosts Sara, Jessica & Michelle discuss two new museums set to open in Rome, a new national holiday on the Italian calendar, & ticket scams over the beatification of Pope John Paul II. Then we speak with author, lecturer, & Context Travel docent Monica Vidoni about Casanova’s Venice.

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Special Guest

Monica Vidoni was born in Venice to American parents, and though she has also lived in the U.S., England, Hungary, and Switzerland, she considers Italy her true home!  After earning her Ph.D. at Stanford University, she taught  in the history department at the University of Georgia before moving permanently to Venice with her family about four years ago.  In addition to her work with Context Travel,  Monica frequently lectures for American universities in Italy. She has published books and articles on women’s and Venetian history, and most recently published a cookbook titled “Venice, Food and Wine,” available in Italian bookstores and online. She is currently researching gambling activities among the Venetian poor.  Monica’s walks with Context Travel include The Venice of Casanova, Daily Life in Renaissance Venice, and Shylock’s Venice.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • La Quaresima – fare la quaresima – “lungo come la quaresima”
    Lent – keep Lent – “long like Lent,” i.e., never-ending

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  • Volo dell’Angelo

The 2011 “Flight”

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