Episode 34: Italian Cinema with Daniela Losini

Hosts Sara, Jessica, & Michelle discuss the latest news about Berlusconi and Amanda Knox, a new report of contaminated mozzarella, and a quick recap of the 2011 Sanremo Festival. Then we’re joined by author and film critic Daniela Losini to talk about the Italian film industry.

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Special Guest

Daniela Losini is an author, film critic, and journalist. Her short stories and articles have been published in Marie Claire, Anna, Giallo Mondadori, Confidenze e l’Editrice Entronauta, Sperling & Kupfer. She was published and managed the online presence of the noir anthology “Alle Signore Piace il nero – Storie di crimini, delitti e misfatti,” published by Sperling & Kupfer in 2009. As a journalist, she focuses on the film industry, film & technology, and costume. She currently works for Grazia Magazine and she can be found at Danielaelle.net.

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Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • doppiaggio [from the verb, doppiare, “to dub”]
    • “dubbing,” as dubbing a foreign movie

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Robert Benigni gets a standing ovation for his interpretation of the Italian national anthem:


  1. I love watching italian films outside of italy, as they always show the very best ones. Since being in italy i find it very hit and miss with italian films. is there any website (italian or english) that separates the ‘good’ films from the usual ‘cheesy/comedy’ ones that seem to be ever so prevalent?

  2. Mark Cosdon

    I think the vast majority of Italian theatres screen dubbed American films. However, in Rome’s Piazza della Repubblica there’s a very large and very modern movie theatre that shows undubbed English language films.

  3. Mark

    Yes, a few years back during an extended stay in Italy I was ready for some popcorn, air conditioning, and Hollywood “film.” I think I saw “Angels and Demons,” actually. Oh, the irony.

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