Episode 33: Exploring Umbria with Alex Leviton

Summary: Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle talk about Wi-fi on Italy’s trains, growing interest worldwide in Italian gelato, and we speak with Alex Leviton about traveling in Umbria.

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Alex Leviton is a guidebook author, editorial director, travel writing retreat leader and writing instructor. She added the ‘Umbria’ to Lonely Planet’s Tuscany & Umbria in 2003, and has written all four editions since. This year, she is writing an iPhone app for Sutro Media entitled Umbria: The Slow Travel Guide to La Dolce Vita (due out June 2011) and leading a group of travel writers-to-be to a castle in the Umbrian countryside. She specializes in cultural and experiential travel.

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    • YouTube Arabic teacher in Italy takes part in Una Bella Giornata, film di Ceccho Zalone
    • http://www.youtube.com/user/LearnArabicwithMaha – her channel


  1. I love Umbria! It’s a very interesting place, with so much to do and beautiful scenery. I’ve only been to Orvieto and Narni so far, but they are absolutely gorgeous and I’m really happy that they got a mention. I also love salsicce di cinghiale from Norcia as well, so this really podcast really nailed it for me. I’m going to have to go to Umbria the next time I’m back in Lazio 🙂

  2. I especially enjoyed the recent episode on Umbria, one of my favorite under-discovered regions. I too love Orvieto. The Duomo exterior is a stunning achievement, but Signorelli’s frescoes in the side-chapel are haunting and should not be missed! (nominal admission fee)

    I think Rick Steves recommended Civita di Bagnoreggio a few years ago, so there are a few more tourists than there used to be. Still, the walk to the city across a footbridge is a most memorable experience and shouldn’t be missed.

    Umbria is especially famous for its hill towns; I especially like Amelia. It’s a quiet, town with amazing views across the Umbrian countryside. There are significant Roman remains and a most-interesting archeological museum, as well as some delicious gelato in the shop at the foot of the hill.

    A true labor of love is Bill Thayer’s online guide to “Walking in Umbria.” There’s nary a square-inch of the region he doesn’t know. His site is: http://penelope.uchicago.edu/Thayer/E/Gazetteer/Places/Europe/Italy/Umbria/walking.html It’s an extraordinary resource for anyone planning a trip to Umbria.

    Finally, it’s officially in Lazio, but the Bomarzo Park is one of the most unusual sites anywhere. Stone monsters, stone carvings drawn from Ovid’s “Metamorphoses,” and lovely grounds to stroll. Kids love it! http://www.bomarzo.net/

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