Episode 31: Eating As Romans Do with Carol Coviello-Malzone

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle discuss the 5th annual celebration of World Nutella Day & the Jersey Shore coming to Italy. Then we’ll talk to Flavors of Rome author Carol Coviello-Malzone about eating as Romans do.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

Special Guest

Carol Coviello-Malzone

Carol Coviello-Malzone is a writer, speaker, and hopeless Roma-phile who divides her time between Florida and the Eternal City. She has traveled to Rome more that 40 times over the past 18 years and has made it her personal mission to celebrate and glorify Rome’s often over-looked and under-appreciated authentic cuisine, and to “set the record straight” on the commonly held misconceptions about the food of Italy. She is the author of Flavors of Rome: How, What and Where to Eat in the Eternal City (ISBN 978-1450737067), which is a practical guide to the art of eating in Italy, as well as a highly personalized guide to 70 Roman restaurants; she also wrote Flavors of Rome Presents Best Restaurants of Rome 2010 for eBook readers.


Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • carciofo – carciofi

    • artichoke – artichokes: one of Rome’s most notable winter vegetables

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Video of the week:

  • Harry & Paul show: Berlusconi with the English Prime Minister, on BBC Two

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