Episode 30: Michelangelo’s Italy with Gene Openshaw

This week, hosts Sara, Jessica & Michelle talk about the new hotel tax in Rome, the discovery of Caligula’s tomb, and the moving of Pope John Paul II’s body, and then we chat with author Gene Openshaw about Michelangelo’s Italy, including several places associated with the great artist besides Rome and Florence.

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Gene Openshaw is a writer, composer, tour guide, and lecturer on European art and history. He’s the co-author of ten books in the Rick Steves travel series, including “Europe 101: History and Art for the Traveler.” He also contributes to the Rick Steves TV shows on PBS. (For more information on the Rick Steves world of travel, see www.ricksteves.com.) As a composer, Gene has written a full-length opera, a violin sonata and dozens of songs. Besides his interest in Italy and Michelangelo, Gene’s two main passions in life are his ten-year-old daughter and the Seattle Mariners.

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The Guardian’s tour around a small market in Lazio [via @MyMelange on Twitter]:

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