Episode 3: Undiscovered Calabria with Cherrye Moore

Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle talk about why there aren’t “doggie bags” in Italy, Vesuvius is Italy’s biggest safety problem, burkas and fines, and special guest Cherrye Moore of My Bella Vita & Il Cedro B&B talks about undiscovered Calabria.

Eye on Italy News stories:

  1. Why there aren’t any “doggie bags” in Italy? (by the same blogger who wrote “Who is Alfredo Sauce, and Why Do Americans Keep Talking About Him?“)
  2. Muslim Woman Fined for Wearing Burka in Italy; also info at Police stop Muslim woman wearing veil in Italy
  3. Vesuvius is Italy’s biggest safety problemIschia could blow – Volcano follow-up: Icelandair giving away trip to Iceland for “best” story of someone stranded by the volcano eruption
  4. Italy city hall uses smiley face emoticons to gauge customer satisfaction
  5. Pope Says Shroud of Turin Is Burial Robe of Jesus Christ

Special Guest

Travel in Calabria & southern Italy – special guest Cherrye Moore from My Bella Vita : traveling around Calabria, if you need to rent a car, where you can fly into to visit Calabria; a recommended 5-day Calabrian itinerary, and some Calabrian culinary specialties not be missed!

Eye of Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

Peperoncino: the hot pepper/chili pepper; Peperoncino Festival in Diamante (Calabria) every September.

Eye on Italy Picks of the Week:

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