Episode 28: “The Berlusconi Effect” with Alex Roe

This week, hosts Sara & Jessica bring back Alex Roe to talk about the latest developments in Italian politics, including the confidence vote & what it means for Italy’s government.

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Eye on Italy News Stories:
Alex Roe, Blog from ItalySome of the topics we cover in this episode are:

  • Vote of confidence in Italian parliament
  • Fighting that broke out in parliament during the vote
  • Protests that turned violent after the vote in Rome, Milan, Turin, Palermo, Genoa
  • Results of vote & what Berlusconi is doing now to maintain power
  • Berlusconi-related Twitter fiasco at EU summit last week
  • Vote on university reforms (& more protests) scheduled for 22 December

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  • rissa : fight (as in fisticuffs)

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