Episode 26: Visiting Italy at Christmas with Kathy McCabe

Summary: This week, hosts Sara, Michelle & Jessica talk about Berlusconi’s reaction to WikiLeaks, the death of legendary Italian director Mario Monicelli, and a new language requirement for foreigners seeking stay permits in Italy – and then we chat with special guest, Kathy McCabe from Dream of Italy, about how Italy celebrates Christmas.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

Special Guest: Kathy McCabe

Kathy McCabe, Dream of ItalyKathy McCabe is the founder of Dream of Italy, a subscription travel newsletter. Dream of Italy has been around for 8 years and has been recommended by outlets like USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, & BusinessWeek. Her travel writing has appeared in a long list of publications such as Saveur, Fodor’s, USA Today, and Budget Travel. In addition to publishing Dream of Italy 10 times each year, Kathy also leads occasional tours in Italy as well.

Don’t forget – comment on this post to win a free subscription to the Dream of Italy newsletter! That’s 10 issues, a $79 value, for free. We’ll choose one lucky winner on December 13, 2010 – just in time for Christmas, so you can decide to give the subscription to an Italophile on your shopping list or keep it for yourself.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • presepio (singular); presepe (plural)

    • Nativity scene

Eye on Italy Picks of the Week:

Video of the week:

  • Everything on Berlusconi and Fini, in English


  1. Andrea Wade

    Very much enjoyed the podcast – thanks for asking and answering my question. The information was all very useful – we now can’t wait to get to Rome on December 23rd!!

  2. Maya Long

    Love that you have a little something for every one…fun, politics, news…a new Italian word to learn.
    You keep us all up to date with the many happenings around Italy.


    • Eye on Italy Podcast

      Hi, comment moderation is on, so it won’t show up immediately, but I’ve always approved your comments! I’ll make a note so people know what to expect. Sorry about that!

  3. Bonnie Melielo

    My grandmother was born in Naples and this year we spent a day exploring and visiting the Stato Civile e the Stato Archive trying to find more information about her family village. Standing on the hilltop overlooking the Bay of Naples, the spot where all of our families left from, some never to return, was a very emotional moment. We visit Italy every year and I love the blogs and podcasts that give us so much wonderful information.

  4. Andrea Hollis

    Kathy reminded me of my Christmas visit to Rome – I yanked my son out of bed at 11:55pm on Christmas eve and we ran into the nearest church to observe midnight Mass. We joined 15 or so other people in the cold, spare space for the most somber, least joyful celebration I could imagine! Not typical of Rome on Christmas Eve, I’m sure, just the luck of the draw.
    Thank you for your podcasts, I enjoy every one.

  5. Louise Genetti Roach

    I’m learning so much about Italy and my Italian heritage from your podcast. My husband and I are planning a trip to my ancestoral home, Castelfondo (a tiny village in the Trentino-Alto Adige region) sometime in 2012. But after hearing this podcast, I’m thinking a mini trip to Rome for next Christmas would also be exciting. Thanks and keep up the great banter!

  6. great info thanks from the posting in episode 26 (particularly regarding the new language requirement for visitors looking to obtain a stay permit)! the info on italy @ xmas was interesting too! looking forward to visiting italy very soon (or at least working on the feast of 7 fishes for the holidays)!

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