Episode 24: Researching your Italian Genealogy and Ancestry with Peter Farina

Hosts Sara and Michelle talk about the pending change in government, an update on the Bunga Bunga situation, and speak with special guest Peter Farina about Italian genealogy research and services.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

Special Guest:

Peter Farina, italyMONDO!Peter Farina, @ItalyMondo on Twitter, is the founder and president of italyMONDO! LLC, a cultural heritage company with offices in both New York and Naples, Italy, which offers premium on-site research in Italy to build your family tree and discover your long-lost relatives, as well as services for Dual Italian-American Citizenship. An Italian-American himself, Peter decided to dedicate his life to the Italian culture after discovering his own roots researching his family tree, finding his cousins still living in Italy, visiting Italy and becoming a dual Italian-American Citizen.

Special DISCOUNT for Eye on Italy listeners – Simply mention the “Eye on Italy” podcast when contacting italyMONDO! And receive a 5% discount on any service commissioned.

Links mentioned by Peter in the episode:

  • http://gens.labo.net/ is a little-known Italian genealogical site (in Italian) which as one specific tool which can be absolutely addicting (in addition to being helpful, of course!) Although it’s in Italian, under “Cognome” type in an Italian surname (any last name you can think of) and you’ll find a complete distribution of the name “throughout the boot.”
  • When it’s time to get more specific, go to http://www.paginebianche.it/ — the Italian white pages — to find where (and what their names and addresses are!) of people with your last name. (Note that it’s also in English, so don’t worry!)
  • Then, for sites for anybody beginning to research their tree:

Peter’s Picks of the week:

  • http://landing.ancestry.com/iphone/ – Ancestry.com is like the Google of Genealogy. It’s their world, we’re just living in it!! So, their apps (and all other products) are the standards.
  • However, there is an entire site dedicated to “Mobile Genealogy” http://www.mobilegenealogy.com/ It’s growing, but it will only continue to grow as genealogy becomes more mainstream.

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • origini italiani, ho degli origini italiani

    • Italian ancestry / heritage

Eye on Italy Picks of the Week:

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