Episode 13: Q&A: Travel in & Moving to Italy, Part 1

Summary: Hosts Sara, Michelle and Jessica tackle reader questions on travel in Italy & moving to Italy: cheap eats in Milan, ordering coffee right in Rome; love and being legal in Italy, money matters, and lots of language questions..

Eye on Italy Q&A:
Include legal mumbo-jumbo: we are not immigration lawyers, government officials or anyone else. Do your homework, too.

Here’s the questions we answered during the podcast:


  • Travel to Italy
    • Eating Cheap in Milan, from Steve:
      • I will be in Milano for a month and am interested in budget restaurants for $15 or less.  I can’t eat cheese, so pizza restaurants are out.  Can you recommend any restaurants in my desired category in that city? Also, I read in one of your blogs that chicken isn’t eaten that much in Italy.   I eat that and also tuna and turkey and wild salmon, but no red meat.  Can you recommend any groceries in Milan that sell those three types of meat?
    • Ordering Coffee Right in Rome, from Denise:
      • My family and I are going to be in Rome for 10 days in August.  We are very excited!  I will be printing this off (my How to Order an Italian Coffee) so we don’t look like stupid Americans ordering coffee wrong.  From what I understand it is going to be hot when we are there.  I am not really a coffee drinker, but I will be trying your favorite drink the marocchino at least once.  Does Italy have any cold drinks that we can order that would be along the lines of a Starbucks Carmel Frappuccino? Or if I order a blended Chai (which is my favorite drink) will they throw us out of Italy?
  • Living in Italy
    • Money Matters, from Maria:
      • First I want to say that I love your podcast! I am studying abroad in Rome next semester and your podcasts have been really helpful. I was wondering if you could do an episode on money. I am trying to figure out that best way to handle my money. Do you know of any banks that work well over there? I’ve talked with my current bank and they told me not only would I get charged a fee from them I would also get charged a fee from the ATM I use over there. I am just overall clueless about money while being abroad. I would really appreciate some insight from you all.
    • Love and Legality, from Lauren:
      • I studied abroad in Italy for a year, and my Italian boyfriend moved to California with me for my remaining year in college. Now I have graduated and we both have our plane tickets back to Italy in August! Unfortunately, I have not started any type of visa process because there is no availability at the embassies for an appointment! I am seriously considering going there and staying illegally– only for about 10 months, until I come back to California for my Masters program. The problem probably won’t be getting in or staying, but LEAVING, right? I don’t want them to ban me or fine me!
        I also wanted to ask you what you think about our Plan B option– which is to get married in Las Vegas and have me apply for a “Joining family member” visa once I get to Italy. As long as I can apply for and receive a visa in Italy without returning to the U.S for it, it would be perfect. Time is the issue!
    • Language questions from Melissa
      • How are expats dealing with language?
        Did you all arrive speaking Italian?
        Do you speak in Italian with significant others or in English?
        How long did it take to feel comfortable with the language?
        Any funny stories about your language experiences with the natives?
        How do Italians relate to you?
        Do you have Italian friends or do you hang out with other expats due to language barriers?

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Video of the week:

  • Terremotati Manganellati – Aquilans protest in Rome



  1. Eye on Italy Podcast

    @Italian Postcards – I love Obika myself, but he can’t eat cheese so I’d say Obika is out 🙂 Plus I don’t find it inexpensive at all – rather, I find it a bit of a splurge to be honest (salads for 12 euro?), but I enjoy going and eating there.

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