Episode 11: Piedmont, Slow Food and Regional Wines with Diana Baur

Summary: On this week’s podcast, hosts Sara and Michelle talk about the latest World Cup news, including Italian demands that the coach give his wages back and the vuvuzela craze in Milan. Special guest is Diana Baur who shares her corner of Piemonte with us: Monferrato, Le Langhe, enoteche regionali, and her recommended Piedmont stops: the Barolo region, Bra, and Acqui Terme.

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Special Guest:

Diana Baur @DianaBaur on Twitter, is an innkeeper, artist, writer and potter living and working in Acqui Terme, Piemonte, in the northwest corner of Italy.  Much of the last seven years have been taken up with perfecting the art of luxury innkeeping and the restoration of her four hundred year old farmhouse and barn, Baur B&B. She writes regularly for Italian Notebook, Slow Travel and Travel Dudes as well as for her own blog, Creative Structures, and spends her free time either in her studio, playing with her dog, or finding new local wineries to showcase with her husband Michael.  Together they offer a variety of services, including wine tours, cooking classes, wine tastings and pottery classes.

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Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • vergogna, vergognarsi – an embarassment/shame, to be embarassed
    • e’ una vergogna! vergognati!
    • Chi si vergogna di lavorare, abbia vergogna di mangiare
    • Chi sempre mente, vergogna non sente.

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Video of the week:
Italian fans disgusted at the loss (CNN International)


  1. Really great podcast, keep up the good work. So interesting.
    I especially enjoyed this weeks episode as Diana Baur spoke about how fantastic Piedmont is and the top places to visit – Cherasco, the Napoleonic town is where I now live. I highly recommend it too, plus the other places she mentioned (Bra and Acqui Terme). Piedmont is an undiscovered region, Turin being one of Italy’s best kept secrets (and it’s not overcrowded by tourists). I am biased as I lived there, but many people who came to visit me agree.
    Ciao a tutti.

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