Episode 10: “Death” of Nutella, & Murder in Italy with Candace Dempsey

On this week’s podcast, hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle talk about the possible death of Nutella, blue mozzarella, and we exchange gifts of tin to mark our 10th episode of the podcast. Then we’ll move on to our interview with Candace Dempsey, the Italian-American author of a new book on the Amanda Knox trial called Murder in Italy.

Eye on Italy News Stories:

Special Guest:

Candace Dempsey is an award-winning Italian American journalist and the author of MURDER IN ITALY, the true story of Amanda Knox, the American college student convicted of murdering her British roommate. She has discussed the Amanda Knox case on CNN Headline News, KOMO-TV, K13 TV and many other media outlets. Candace’s true crime blog is hosted by the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, has been featured on Anderson Cooper 360, and is read around the world.

You can find Candace at:
True crime blog: http://blog.seattlepi.com
Professional website: http://candacedempsey.com
Book tour: http://www.booktour.com/author/candace_dempsey
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Candace_Dempsey

More resources on the Amanda Knox case:

Eye on Italy Angolo d’Italiano:

  • Giallo: Literal meaning is “yellow,” but also term for crime fiction/mystery/thriller/whodunits that comes from the fact that cheap paperback crime books (like those of Agatha Cristie) used to come with yellow covers. It’s also used to describe real-life mysteries.
    • “Murder, She Wrote” when it’s broadcast in Italy is called “La signora in giallo” which is literally “the woman in yellow” but in this case is “the woman in mystery.”

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Video of the week:

Blue mozzarella video

Nutella ad


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