A podcast for anyone who’s loved Italy or wants to love it.

Eye on Italy is an Italy podcast for Italophiles and often focuses on news, culture and travel in English. Each episode includes expert interviews and guests, and sometimes Picks of the Week for new Italy applications, websites, and tips in every episode, plus a different Italian word featured in our Angolo d’Italiano (Italian corner).

Meet Your Hosts

js_jan2015_wolfden432Jessica Spiegel is a freelance travel writer living in Portland, Oregon. She’s an Italophile who has been helping make sense of Italy travel for almost a decade with her well-respected online Italy travel guides. You’ll find her on Twitter as @ItalyExplained, and on her website Italy Explained.



Michelle Fabio is a freelance writer and attorney who has lived in her ancestors’ village in Calabria for the past seven years. She is the About.com Guide to Law School, official blogger for LegalZoom, and author of the blogs Bleeding Espresso about life in southern Italy and Goat Berries about raising goats. Her full professional portfolio is at MichelleFabio.com, she’s on Twitter
@michellefabio, and Bleeding Espresso and Goat Berries are on Facebook.

Sara Rosso, Eye on Italy co-hostSara Rosso
is an American writer, photographer, technology lover, and business & digital strategist living in Rome, Italy. She blogs about food, travel and recipes at her site Ms. Adventures in Italy, and about technology and growing your business at When I Have Time.com. Sara is on Twitter at @rosso and you can find out more about her at her hub site, SaraRosso.com

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