Episode 46: The Evolution of Tourism in Italy, with Steve Perillo

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle talk about the hunt for the true Mona Lisa, a statue of Pope John Paul II that the Vatican doesn’t like, and Venice’s flood control project. Then we speak to Italy travel expert Steve Perillo about the evolution of tourism in Italy since his family’s company, Perillo Tours, began offering trips to the country in 1945.

Episode 45: Italy Q&A Part 3

Hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle answer your questions about traveling with children, and crafting the perfect itinerary, traveling in Italy with photography equipment, scenic train rides, culinary schools in Rome, and people watching.

Episode 44: Tuscan Food with James Martin

On this week’s episode, hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle talk about an IKEA ad in Italy causing outrage, Italian police pocketing coins from the Trevi Fountain, more ancient artifacts discovered in Italy, and a sad update from the Giro d’Italia. Then we speak with travel writer and part-time Tuscany resident James Martin about the food of Tuscany.