Episode 56: The Genius of a Place with Sarah Marder

We speak to filmmaker Sarah Marder about her documentary “”The Genius of a Place”” about the town of Cortona and the concept of sustainable development, the weekend riots in Rome, and George Clooney finally opens up about his evening with Silvio Berlusconi.

Episode 55: The History of Rome with Mike Duncan

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle talk about the Italian economy being downgraded, Wikipedia Italia’s blackout, and an award-winning Italian chef working for McDonald’s. Then we speak with special guest Mike Duncan, the host of the History of Rome podcast, about his podcast and his love of Roman history.

Episode 52: Tuscan Sun Festival with Alberto Alfonso and Edward Mayes

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle discuss the Pope’s first tweet, pot on Italian balconies, another round in the Naples trash crisis, and an Italian company making the news for firing only women. Then we talk with artist Alberto Alfonso and poet Edward Mayes about their unique collaboration, which will be presented at this year’s Tuscan Sun Festival in Cortona.

Episode 51: Judaism in Italy with Rabbi Barbara Aiello

In this episode, hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle talk about the Louvre not loaning out the Mona Lisa, a new hotel tax soon to be implemented in Florence andamp; Venice, and new spots in Italy added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Then we speak with Rabbi Barbara Aiello, the first woman Rabbi in Italy.

Episode 48: Calabria Culinary Tour with Cherrye Moore

Hosts Sara, Jessica, and Michelle talk about how thin Italian women are, caves in Basilicata transformed into luxury hotels, and Berlusconi’s continued party mode. Then we speak to Cherrye Moore to hear some Calabria summer travel tips and to learn about her food and wine tour in Calabria in the fall.