Episode 11: Piedmont, Slow Food and Regional Wines with Diana Baur

On this week’s podcast, hosts Sara and Michelle talk about the latest World Cup news, including Italian demands that the coach give his wages back and the vuvuzela craze in Milan. Special guest is Diana Baur who shares her corner of Piemonte with us: Monferrato, Le Langhe, enoteche regionali, and her recommended Piedmont stops: the Barolo region, Bra, and Acqui Terme.

Episode 10: “Death” of Nutella, & Murder in Italy with Candace Dempsey

On this week’s podcast, hosts Sara, Jessica and Michelle talk about the possible death of Nutella, blue mozzarella, and we exchange gifts of tin to mark our 10th episode of the podcast. Then we’ll move on to our interview with Candace Dempsey, the Italian-American author of a new book on the Amanda Knox trial called Murder in Italy.

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